Pamela Casa renting & managment agency

The Pamela Casa Agency helps you convert your extra square meters into euros!

The Agency operates throughout Paris and offers property management services as well as Home Staging:

"Home Staging":
A decorating service that gives your home an edge when renting or selling in today’s competitive market.

Why a management service?
To make your life easier!
Our professional services are cost effective and save you time, especially if you live far from your rental property, or you lack time to manage the administrative and accounting responsibilities, or high turnover if you opt for short-term rentals (vacation rentals).

Why a 'Home staging service'?
Change the decor of your dwelling without breaking the bank, while having the best advice from our interior decorators and partners.
From decorating to full renovations, we offer you with confidence the best-bespoke professional network.
Transparency, availability, and rigor are the qualities we commit to every day to provide you the highest quality of service.
From our turnkey to customized plans through "Home Staging", tell us about your project, we will study it with great care so we can find the best solution together.

Your satisfaction is always our first concern.

Pamela Casa, is my name and it is also the one I chose to give my agency, not by excess and pretension but for the simple reason that I want to create a professional identity that looks like me and reflects my values.

Ten years of solid experience in Parisian real estate offered to local and international customers, inspired me to create my own agency, to mold my services of rental management and "home staging" to the specific needs of my customers and build a trustful and prosperous relationship.

My passion and expertise for authentic Paris has grown over time through the intimate discovery of numerous interiors in the course of my career in tourism and real estate, which stimulate daily my enthusiasm and desire to practice the profession that I love.

As you can see, I am an experienced, active and dynamic woman, who feeds on novelty, variety and human contact.

I believe that my professionalism combined with my passion, will facilitate your ideas and ambitions to become a reality, both in terms of rental management and "Home Staging", all with the sole aim to grow your real estate wealth.


• Advertisement of property
• Update booking calendars
• Organization of visits
• Constitution of tenants files
• Check solvency files
• Draw up and sign any leases, endorsements, or renewals
• Conduct rent reviews
• Welcome tenants
• Explanation, verification and maintenance of equipment
• Draw up and sign any inventory reports
• Electric and gas meter readings:
  (rentals over one month)
• In cases of water damage:
  Filing of insurance claims, and carried out works

• Sending rents calls, receipts
• Receipt of notice from tenants

• Recovery of payments and sending formal notices
• Establishment of administrative documents: (CAF, rental certificate, tenant notice)
• Cashing of the deposit, rent and security deposit, utility charges...
• Sending monthly the management report and payment transfers

Check in
• Making appointment with the tenant
• Welcome Tenant and handing over of the keys
• Explanation and check of the equipments
• Draw up and sign the inventory of check in
• Measures Electric and gas meter readings
  (rentals over one month)
• Sending signed documents to the owner
• Sending a report in case of remarks: repair for use, lack of equipment, degradation of objects or furniture ...
Check out
• Making appointment with the tenant
• Hand over the keys
• Check of the equipments
• Draw up and sign the inventory of check out
• Measures Electric and gas meter readings
  (rentals over one month)
• Sending signed documents to the owner
• Sending a report in case of remarks Repair for use, lack of equipment, degradation of objects or furniture ...
In option :
• Cleaning service if necessary
• Organization of visits
• Various interventions requiring professionals
  (Plumber, electrician, heating...)

For a more attractive apartment:
• Internet installation:
  Account opened at the supplier of your choice
• Reception and installation of equipment.
• Check that the equipment functions properly

For the respect of rent regulations:
• Supply and instal of required smoke detectors
• Establishing your mandatory diagnostics
  (ERNMT, DPE, CREP, Loi Carrez ....)
• Annual maintenance of your boiler
• Sweeping of chimneys

To optimize the rental requests:
• Taking pictures of your property
• Writing your ads for the media of your choice
• Promotion with partner agencies

For all your works in project like :

• Routine maintenance:
  (grout, faucets, replacement of light bulbs ...)
• Refurbishing :
  (paint, floor varnish or replacement....)
• Modernize up to standard :
  (Electric panel, boiler ...)
• Renovations for energy savings :
  (replacement of windows, radiators ...)
• Disaster monitoring of the repairs :
 (restoration following water damage)

We suggest you an estimate on request, we take photos before and after project and follow the progress of the work.

All businesses and artisans sought to intervene in your apartment were carefully selected for their reliability, quality of their work and for the best value for the money of their work.

For all your projects:
• Counseling appointment
• Defining your needs
• Setting the budget

As part of a furniture project:
• Setting the budget and selection of the furniture
• Receipt of goods
• Installation and implementation of the project.
As part of a For the decoration project
• Selection of the elements of decoration
• Remove some elements
• Layout of the room

Our successful experience
is at your service

The manager of the compagny is an established and recognize professional in the industry. After working 10 years in the real estate business, including 6 years in rental management, with the leader in furnished rentals in Paris, as such, as she knows your issues and bring you her "savoir faire ", knowledge and skills so that your apartment is managed and valued as if it were us.

Our selected

We work closely with several agencies specialized in furnished rentals and internet referencing. Given their outstanding reputation your apartment will be published on their sites and thus benefit from a very large audience.
For your decorating and renovations projects, our experience has allowed us to create our own network of artisans and professionals for whom we trust and to provide you with a quality service so you will benefit from negotiated rates.

A relationship
based on truth

Beyond all financial guarantees and professional liability available to me as a real estate agent, I want to develop a trusting relationship with you, through:

• Open, efficient and regular communication
• High availability, at your service
• Frequent monitoring of the services provided

Your time
is precious

Eliminating the dead time in the life cycle of a rental management is our main priority in order to better optimize the income of your assets.
Meet your demands with greater responsiveness in conducting and monitoring your projects in accordance with established commitments.

A bespoke service
tailored to your needs

Beyond the turnkey and standard offers, we suggest that we study together your project so we can provide you with a customized plan.
Your apartment is unique and deserves individual study.

Our openness
to the world

Our experience in managing foreign customers, who constitute the main demand for rental management, coupled with our fluency in English, Italian and Spanish, give an international dimension to our services.


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